Why Ninedot?

Ever try the classic nine dot puzzle? You have to connect nine dots, stacked 3x3, with three lines without lifting your pencil from the paper. It’s a brain teaser that challenges you to “think outside the box."

In our world, the dots are all of the problems our clients need to solve and the lines are our three big solutions: brand strategy, growth-driven website design, and inbound marketing. Every time we work with a new client, we hunker down and use better thinking to strategize the best way to connect all the dots and help the business thrive.

Brand Strategy


Inbound Marketing


Website Design

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The Brains Behind the Operation

Our talented team of digital storytellers are dedicated to finding the best solutions to help position and grow your brand.
Mark Bevington
President and Director of Purpose
Jason Tutak
Senior Interactive Designer
Danielle Hamilton
Digital Marketing Manager

Growth Driven Design

The smarter approach
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