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8 Compelling Content Marketing Trends to Watch


Sep 2021

Every business is different, but the basics remain the same. Thus, marketing automation can help your business grow in wide-ranging ways.

Content is king, even more so in 2021.

Content marketing is indispensable to the success of your business, or at least to 82% of marketers who report actively using content marketing in 2021. Therefore, it is vital that you stay

up-to-date with the content marketing trends to improve and strengthen your marketing strategies. Lucky for you, here are the 2021 content marketing strategies to watch backed by statistics.

Why Content Marketing

But before looking at the strategies, why focus on content marketing? The planning, creating, and sharing of content with your target audience has several benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to; increased brand awareness, better customer engagement, and more revenue due to increased sales.

In fact, 47% of buyers admit to viewing three to five content pieces before getting in touch with the sales rep. That's why you need to go the extra mile because the competition is stiff on all the top three content distribution channels for B2B marketing which are social media, email, and website. Below are the content marketing strategies informing the 2021 digital marketing realm:

1. Video Content Still Dominates the Digital Marketing Realm

Among all forms of media, video content remains the quickest and most effective medium of communicating and educating audiences. An 80% YoY increase in video uploads in 2020 underscores how valuable video marketing is for businesses. This year will be no different as more and more marketers leverage this medium.

Consumers want to get information fast and will therefore prefer watching a video rather than scrolling through a blog. Additionally, people are highly visual. It is not only easier to understand the information but also fun. You can probably understand why people watched a total of 12.2 billion minutes of video or an equivalent of 23,211 years of content in 2020, which was majorly to pass time during the pandemic.

Most marketers report a positive Return On Investment for video marketing, and therefore, this trend is set to continue. It's one strategy you may need to consider, given the huge potential it offers.

2. Leveraging Multimedia

The need to create compelling visual content which can be communicated across multiple distribution channels continues to increase in 2021. It is in line with the prediction by Venngage that more than 70% of businesses would rely heavily on visual content in 2021. Therefore, other multimedia formats besides video content are essential for effective content marketing.

Types of visual content frequently used in content marketing include; Stock photos, Original graphics, (e.g., infographics and illustrations), Charts, and Data visualizations.

Visual content is an adaptation by marketers to the decrease in people's attention spans globally with the rise of visual social platforms. It has several advantages, For instance, it; allows for better comprehension of the material, engages the audience, and is easy to share on a variety of channels hence drive traffic

3. High-Quality SEO Utilization

"I expect to see high-quality SEO continue to be a critical piece for content marketing in 2021," said Brooklyn Nash, the Head of Content at Sales Hacker. True to her prediction, strategic SEO tactics have been a popular content marketing trend this year. Statistically speaking, 69% of marketers report investing in SEO in 2021, which is 5% higher than the case in 2020.

Unlike before, where the focus was on general SEO, marketers are now focusing on capturing niches and long-tail keywords, as shown by 71% of marketers reporting capturing strategic keywords as their tactic.

Therefore, you will be better placed if you come up with a solid SEO strategy and put some time into keyword research. We can audit your website SEO and help you create a powerful SEO strategy.

4. Content Personalization

Another content marketing strategy to watch in 2021 is the delivery of content tailored to the consumer's needs. Content personalization allows you to share content that is in line with what the consumer wants. Emails, pop-ups, and other types of content are more effective when they appeal to the consumer's likes, needs, and desires.

But how do you know what the consumer wants?

You can get all the details to help you tailor your content by studying the behavior of your target audience. One of the easiest ways you can use to collect data from your website visitors is by leveraging the power of AI, a process called content hyper-personalization. You can use 3rd party applications like Google Analytics or HubSpot's Marketing Hub to collect such data and create personalized content for your visitor.

5. A Surge in Podcasting

There has been an over 60% increase in podcast listening in the US in just three years. This year will see a further increase as the podcast market edges towards the predicted value of over $2 billion by 2023.

Businesses that embrace podcasting reap heavily in terms of leads and revenue. Especially with 53% of listeners enjoying hearing ads during a podcast and 61% of them are more likely to purchase, it's a huge opportunity. It also helps business owners establish themselves as authorities in their industry.

6. Leveraging Virtual Events and Webinars

Despite the easing of health and safety restrictions due to the pandemic, the number of virtual events and webinars remains high in 2021. It was originally out of convenience, but webinars, for instance, have become preferable because a consumer is not limited by location, they have the ability to access the content on-demand when recorded, and the audience can ask questions and engage easily.

With the global webinar market projected to hit $800million by 2023, which is $253m above the value in 2015, webinars are something you should definitely consider.

7. Increased Focus on Samples' Quality

Search engine algorithms now emphasize more on expertise and authority in ranking sites in SERPs. Therefore, marketers are focusing more on providing valuable content rather than posting multiple times.

Consumers are now picky when it comes to content as they are exposed to a massive volume of information online. If you deliver value, you will gain the trust of your target audience and stand out among your competitors. Value-driven content matters more this year.

8. Content Re-purposing

In a bid to create engaging content with fewer resources, content marketers have turned to the re-purposing of content. Existing high-quality content is now repackaged into different formats and shared across different platforms. Some of the significant benefits of re-purposing content include saving time, reaching different audiences, and enhancing organic traffic.

Among the ways you can re-purpose content include turning a blog post into an eBook, texting transcripts or SEO-optimized blog post out of a podcast episode or creating a slide presentation from a top-performing blog-post.

You can start assessing your content and see how you can make the best out of those posts that are performing well. "In every panel discussion, there's at least five social media posts, a blog post, a newsletter mention," says Brooklyn Nash.

It's evident that the content marketing landscape is volatile, especially since the onset of the pandemic. However, keeping up with most of the above strategies can help you stay ahead of your competition. Looking to automate your business?

Contact us today to schedule and roll out your personalized automation in no time. 

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