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UI/UX + SEO: ForestOne

Australia’s largest independent distributor of timber surface materials.


Innovative and Premium Quality Products.

As Australia’s largest independent distributor of wood panel, timber, and decorative surface materials ForestOne worked closely with Ninedot to create a unified product experience across all of its surface materials lines.

The Challenge

Ninedot was challenged to help streamline and organize hundreds of products across multiple product lines while maintaining a new and modern website experience.

Our Solution

Through an extensive wireframing and strategy planning phase Ninedot was able to create a unified digital experience across all product lines for both the DIY persona as well as distributors looking to source the products offered. An integrated eCommerce shopping cart and clear call-to-actions ensure solid footing for growth.


User Driven Shopping Experience

Mobile First UX

On-Page SEO for A Solid Foundation

Showcase Key Product Lines

User Driven Shopping Experience

Grow Smarter

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