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North America's Largest Manufacturer and Distributor of Wholesale Fencing Products

Website Design & HubSpot CMS

Combining a function of need and design.

Working closely with Ninedot's technology partner, LeanSwift, Ninedot was engaged to dive deep into an extensive UI/UX and wireframe study to find the best creative solution of form and function to appeal to Master Halco's varied business personas. The result was a a unified digital experience with the UI/UX designed onto HubSpot's CMS Hub.


The Challenge

Not all fences are made equal. As a leading wholesale distributor of fencing products across the U.S. and Canada Master Halco believes that each fence should be a function of need and design. Master Halco wanted their new website to reflect this philosophy to help customers find the right fencing product for their needs.


Our Analysis

As with any good fencing project you need a solid foundation. The same holds true for a successful website. After a thorough competitor SEO and positioning analysis Ninedot had a creative discovery session to explore the best creative path forward to establish a firm foundation forward to Master Halco's continued growth as a a leader in wholesale fencing products.

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Organized and Clear Navigation


Optimized Imagery to Improve On-Page SEO

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