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Inbound Marketing: Mozzone Lumber

3 Generations of Quality

Mozzone Lumber

Not All Products Are Created Equal

Mozzone Lumber hired Ninedot in mid-2018 to rebrand and reposition the 3rd generation lumber yard for growth. Through an exhaustive identity and marketing discovery, Ninedot designed a new identity, created a robust inbound marketing strategy, designed and built a new WordPress website, and optimized a marketing and sales program through the Hubspot Pro platform which has led to an increase in lead generation from all digital tactics by more than 135%. Now that's some serious growth.


The Challenge

Change is hard. How do you take a well respected local brand and make it better? Ask those who helped to build this more than 70-year-old business into a successful business is how.


Through user research and community and regional surveys, Ninedot collected enough market data to create a sound strategy as a foundation for the creative and inbound marketing to grow from.

Our Solution

With a sound strategy in place, Ninedot was able to rebrand Mozzone Lumber into a more modern and cohesive go-to-market business to attract various personas including architects, builders, developers, contractors, and global sales distributors. The results? Lead generation increased from all marketing assets by more than 135%  and continues to grow today.


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