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Website Redesign: Weekapaug Inn

A 5-Star Hotel With Casual Comfort

Weekapaug Inn

You're Home Away From Home

Located on the Rhode Island shoreline overlooking Quonochontaug Pond and the Atlantic Ocean, Weekapaug Inn offers New England accommodations that combine casual comfort and luxurious furnishings. The Inn partnered with Ninedot as a member of the OHM Collection to reimagine this tucked away gem to create an extraordinary digital guest experience.

The Challenge

Ninedot was challenged to reimagine how the Weekapaug Inn could have its own identity while still resembling its place in the OHM Collection of hotels. 

Our Solution

Through the early stages of planning, creative wireframes, creative discovery Ninedot created and developed a new website experience that showcases the Inn's unique character and location along the Rhode Island coastline. The result was a website worthy of the Inn's esteemed 5-star caliber yet grounded in its casual comfort of home.


User Driven Shopping Experience

Playful Design Elements for A Sense of Calm

Modern Interior Page Layouts

The Use of Video to Invite the User

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